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Leanor Greyl

Leonor Greyl is a Paris-based specialist in hair treatments using only high grade natural ingredients – all environmentally safe. Created with delicate aromas and plant extracts, the products give hair more brilliance, more glamour and more beauty. Never tested on animals, Leonor Greyl products are environmentally safe AND all are safe for color and keratin-treated hair. 

Oh la la!


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At Davines, we believe that living a balance of beauty and sustainability, what we call “sustainable beauty,” can improve our lives and the world around us. 
Founded in Parma Italy in 1996. Davines strives to connect “beautiful and good.” Their hair care and body products are a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science, people and spirit. They reflect simplicity and harmony because beauty is always modern. And sustainability is more than just a pretty idea at Davines: several years ago, in collaboration of LifeGate,
Davines adopted a Zero Impact® policy (carbon-neutral) for their Essential Haircare product line, which was later joined by the family of SU sun-care products.

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Number 4

The most beautiful things in life are found in the simple. 
The science behind the Number 4 manifesto is simple: combine nature’s greatest ingredients with forward-edge technology, highest quality essential oils and extracts, exclude allingredients potentially toxic to humans, and you will create that “I can’t believe I fit in this dress” results. And Number 4 is 100% vegan and free of sulfates, sodium chloride, gluten, parabens and bad taste and is never, ever tested on animals.

Looking good and saving the planet never felt so good.

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Olaplex reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair that are broken during thermal, mechanical and chemical services. In plain English that means your hair with be stronger, healthier and your color will last longer. And Olaplaex is made with love in California…without silicone, sulphates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes, gluten and is never tested on animals.

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Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest perfumeries in the world, opening in Italy in 1612. Hand-formulated in Florence, these colognes and body products are light, fresh and invigorating. Hints of Sicilian orange, bergamot, exotic spices, lotus flower, pomegranate, birch, amber, iris, and jasmine combine to make timeless, yet modern, fragrances for both men and women.



Loved by both men and women equally!  Our Paste provides the perfect hold, making it possible to create effortlessly great hair, that you can still run your fingers through!  Use in wet or dry hair, the perfict complement to the best hair cut. 

Ligne St. Barth

Herve Brin was taught by his grandmother, for whom he has fond memories, about the benefits of medicinal plants and herbs from an early age. This knowledge was passed down from generation to generation from his Breton and West Indian ancestors, who dating back to 1648 were instrumental in the creation of the island’s history.  Reinforced by this family heritage, LIGNE ST BARTH has been creating a harmonious union between traditional secrets and scientific progress for the past thirty years

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Claus Porto Soap

Soap-on-a-Rope never looked so good! 

Captivating scents, ornate design and old-world craftsmanship have been the pillars of Claus Porto’s beauty and fragrance house for over a century. Hand-crafted and wrapped in vintage Art Deco-inspired labels, these delicious soaps are infused with fine fragrances drawn from Portugal’s flora. 
Claus Porto soaps are milled seven times in the European tradition so that each bar will last without cracking or loosing its fragrance. They all contain natural shea butter to moisturize and high quality natural scents such as verbena, lime, basil, vanilla, sandalwood and almond oil.

Eau d'italie

Initially a secret between those in the know, from Positano Eau d’Italie quickly travelled the world, the key to its success being a truly Italian ingredient: la passione, that same burning passion that gave the world beauty and excellence in art, fashion and design. At Eau d’Italie we work with the greatest creators in the world – "noses", as they are called in the industry – and we use only top grade materials, to create fragrances and body care products which are always contemporary, always original, always inspiring.

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Lafco Candles

LAFCO's mission is pure and simple. Authentic Luxury. Unparalleled Results.                                       LAFCO candles are thoughtfully designed to transform daily routines into luxurious rituals. They are designed to enhance the mood of a familiar, beloved space, and not overpower or interfere with it. Developing fine home fragrance begins with scent, the most transporting and evocative sense.

LAFCO candles use a custom blend of premium vegan hard waxes, and fragrance is layered in so it can be enjoyed until the last burn. Each candle is housed in a hand-blown art glass vessel whose sophisticated lines and vibrant colors will complment any space.                                              


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Marvis Toothpaste

It’s no surprise that Marvis Toothpaste is imported from Florence, Italy.

Marvis stands out on account of its sophisticated image inspired by worlds of art and fashion. Its collection of 7 masterpieces of taste transform a simple daily act into a moment of pure pleasure. Traditional processing methods combined with a modern interpretation, create an unmistakably fresh sensation and an extraordinary whitening effect.

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Proraso Shaving

Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, Proraso has been a trend setter in the shaving world for three generations. The Proraso labs create products that stand the test of time, defy passing trends and become classics.